Echinodictyum clathratum   Dendy,  1905 (Sponge)
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Class: Demospongiae

Size: 10 cm high, 5 cm wide, compressed with the basal width of 3.5 cm.

Color: Dark brown when dry.

Main bulk of the body formed of a clathrous mass of thin, flattened branches varying in width from 0.5-2 mm and interconnected at irregular intervals forming a cavernous interior. These branches end at surface in conical structures (conules) which are covered with an aspiculous membrane. Skeleton is an irregular reticulation of fibers united compactly to form each branch. Fibers are echinated by acanthostyles often arranged vertically; peripheral fibers more profusely echinated than those in the interior. Conical branchlets may be seen originating from branches in peripheral parts. Fibers are cored by oxeas, spongin content rather poor. Towards the surface these branches may end in conical structures supported by styles in a brush-like manner, piercing the dermal membrane.
Spicules: Oxeas, uniformly curved and sharply pointed; stylote rare. Size up to 0.7 x 0.16 mm; younger forms curved irregularly. Styles, tips often hair-like; size up to 1.5 x 0.0006 mm; rarely represented. Small styles, common at the surface brushes. Acanthostyles, head densely spined in some; entirely smooth younger forms. Size up to 0.13 x 0.005 mm.

Synonym (s)
Echinodictyum clathratum Thomas 1973

Common Name (s)
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• Tamil Nadu, Chennai (Lat: 13.09) (Long: 80.29) INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Vedalai INDIA
• Tamil Nadu, Mandapam INDIA

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