Eunice investigatoris   Fauvel,  1932 (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Size: 110 mm. by 7mm.

Color: Colorless or light yellowish-grey in spirit.

Body cylindrical anteriorly, semi-cylindrical in the middle and flattened in the hind part. Palps bilobed. The three median tentacles are sub-equal and reach backwards to the 6th-7th setigerous segment; the two outer tentacles are hardly as long. The tentacles are all subulate, slender and smooth. The buccal segment (peristomium) is thrice as long as the succeeding one. Two tentacular cirri set on a short achaetous segment. Gills from the 6th setigerous segment, the first one small, but already compound; they are very large about the 7th-8th, with 18-20 filaments about the 14th setiger. Well developed on about forty segments, they decrease in size in the mid-body and increase again very much in the posterior region, where they continue to the 6th-7th small segments preceding the pygidium. The posterior gills are dichotomously branched. In the mid-body there are already a few bifid or trifid filaments. Dorsal cirri long and smooth in the first segments, then shorter than the gills: they are not knife-like, and, except the first ones, hardly thicker than the branchial filaments. Ventral cirri finger=like in the first 5-6 feet, in the succeeding ones short and moniliform; they again become digitiform in the posterior half of the body, becoming longer and longer toward the hind part, where they are twice as long as the feet. Pygidium with two long, smooth, ventral cirri. Acicula black. Acicular setae black, bidentate, hooded, beginning about the 44th-45th foot. Comb-setae long, narrow, with 8-10 teeth and equal sides, or, sometimes, one longer. Capillary setae long, slender, faintly winged. Terminal pieces of the compound setae strongly bidentate, with a hood not protruding above the tip, the shaft is slightly enlarged.

Synonym (s)
Eunice investigatoris Fauchald, 1992
Eunice investigatoris Fauvel, 1953
Eunice investigatoris Hartman, 1974
Eunice investigatoris Monro, 1937
Eunice investigatoris Fauvel, 1932

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Arabian Sea
• Arabian Gulf

Literature Source(s)
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