Nereis longilingulis   Monro,  1937 (Marine Worm)
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Class: Polychaeta

Size: Length 45 mm. by 2 mm. 80 setigers.

Body much tapered behind. Head longer than broad, not incised between the tentacles. Palps stout, about equal to the tentacles. Anterior feet with two triangular lobes in each ramus, median feet with two dorsal flagelliform languets longer than the dorsal cirrus; in the ventral ramus the lips of the chaeta-sac and the ventral languets are prolonged into a long slender process. At the 70th setiger all the languets are slender, but very much reduced in length. Ventral hemigomph falcigers with a long, straight blade, shorter in the posterior feet. There are no dorsal homogomph falcigers.

Synonym (s)
Neanthes longilingulis Hartman, 1974
Nereis longilingulis Fauvel, 1953
Nereis longilingulis Hartman, 1959

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Demersal


• Arabian Sea

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