Diogenichthys laternatus   (Garman,  1899) (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 22 cm.

Color: Blackish, fins lighter.

Somewhat robust and short. Snout about in twice eye, very blunt, with a median internarial ridge. Maxillary extending to vertical through hindborder of eye or slightly farther, dilated posteriorly. Opercle broad, anterior border of praeopercle vertical. Origin of dorsal slightly before middle of length, behind vertical through ventrals. Origin of anal below hindmost rays of dorsal. Adipose fin above the posterior half of the anal. Pectorals reaching behind the base of the ventrals. Caudal forked. Scales cycloid.

Luminous organs: an antorbital on the dorsal frontborder of the orbit, on the frontborder of the praeopercle a larger dorsal one, on the frontborder of the praeopercle a larger dorsal one, on the level of the lower margin of the eye. A smaller ventral one below it on the level of the lower part of the maxilla. Three in each branchiostegal series. 5 Maculae pectorales in a series from the isthmus to the base of the ventrals. 2 Maculae subpectorales, one at the lower opercular edge, slightly behind the second Maculae pectorales, the other obliquely behind it at the ventral edge of the base of the pectoral. Maculae suprapectoralis at the upper margin of the opercle. Maculae supraventralis in the vertical through the ventral, midway between it and the lateral line. 4 Maculae ventrales in a series from ventrals to anal, the second of which is slightly displaced dorsally outside the series. Above the last one a series of 3 Maculae supraanales, angularly bent and obliquely directed to the lateral line. A series of 6 Maculae anales anteriores followed behind the anal by a series of 3 Maculae anales posteriores, which latter is separated from 2 Prc on the lower part of the end of the tail. Pol slightly behind last Maculae anales anteriores in the lateral line. Between adipose fin and caudal a luminous patch, a smaller one between Maculae anales (anteriores and posteriores) and Prc.

Synonym (s)
Myctophum laternatum Garman, 1899
Diogenys laternatus Garman, 1899
Myctophum (Myctophum) laternatum Brauer, 1906
Myctophum laternatum Max Weber, 1913

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Bay of Bengal (Lat: 15) (Long: 90) INDIA

Literature Source(s)
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