Myctophum coccoi   (Cocco)  1829 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Size: 6 cm.

Head longer than snout, which is prominent and conical, more pointed in young specimens. End of upper jaw not much dilated, extending about one eye diameter behind eye, praeopercular margin somewhat oblique. Origin of dorsal before middle of length, behind ventrals, which are situated in the beginning of the second 1/3 of the length, end of dorsal somewhat behind the vertical through origin of anal or slightly behind middle of length. End of anal slightly behind vertical through adipose fin. Scales cycloid.

Luminous organs: a small dorsal and ventral antorbital organ at the front margin of the eye. Two operculars, the larger dorsal slightly below level of ventral orbital margin, the smaller ventral behind upper jaw. 5 equidistant maculae pectorales, between isthmus and ventrals. Posterior Maculae subpectorales at the lower base of the pectorals, the anterior obliquely before and below it, above the interspace between the second and third Maculae pectorales. The small Maculae suprapectoralis slightly above and before the upper base of the pectorals in the vertical through the anterior Maculae subpectorales. 4 equidistant Maculae ventrales between ventrals and anus. 15-21 Maculae anales anteriores and posteriores arranged in an anterior group with 4-8 and a posterior group with 9-14. The whole anterior group lies above the anal, the two anterior organs of which are separated from the following by a somewhat larger interspace. Of the posterior group nearly the whole anterior half lies also above the anal. Most frequent arrangements of Maculae anales anteriores and posteriores are: 5 + 13, 6 + 11, 6 + 12, 6 + 13, 7 + 12. The two Prc are on the same level, in case the posterior Maculae anales anteriores and posteriores are numerous, the Prc are serially a continuation of them, Maculae supraventralis nearer to origin of ventral than to lateral line. The 3 Maculae supraanales arranged in a blunt angle, the anterior and inferior one above the second Maculae ventrales, on the same level or somewhat lower than Maculae supraventralis, the middle one in the vertical through the last Maculae ventrales or somewhat before, slightly higher than the anterior Maculae supraanales, the uppermost near lateral line in the vertical through end of dorsal or origin of anal. Generally 6-8 supracaudal and 4-6 infracaudal luminous patches.

Synonym (s)
Scopelus coccoi Giorn 1829
Alysia loricata Lowe 1839
Scopelus coccoi Gunther 1864
Scopelus (Rhinoscopelus) coccoi Lutken 1892
Myctophum (Myctophum) coccoi Brauer 1906

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• Bay of Bengal (Lat: 15) (Long: 90) INDIA

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