Bathytroctes macrolepis   Gunther,  1887 (Fish)
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Class: Actinopterygii

Image copyrights: Orlov, A

Size: 22.5 cm.

Color: Uniform black.

Height 5½ cm, head a little less than 3 cm. Head low and elongate tapering towards the front. Eye 3¼, rather longer than pointed snout, double of interorbital space. Jaw equal, maxillary extends to below posterior third of the orbit. The dentition feeble, teeth small, pointed, of equal size, uniserial. Inter-maxillary and the foremost part of the maxillary toothless, vomerine series divided into two groups, each with three teeth. Palatine series short, consisting of about nine teeth. Gillrakers long, lanceolate, rather widely set, 22 on the outer branchial arch. Vent nearly midway between gillopening and root of caudal. Origin of dorsal somewhat in advance of vent, its last ray opposite to the fourth of the anal. Both dorsal and anal rather high in front, their longest rays being equal in length to the depth of this depth of this portion of the body. Ventrals covering the vent, but not extending to the anal, their base is midway between the root of the pectoral and the end of the anal, immediately in advance of the dorsal. Scales simple, cycloid. Lateral line straight, running along the middle of the tail, with wide mucous apertures.

Synonym (s)
Bathytroctes alvifrons Garman, 1899
Bathytroctes koefoedi Parr, 1951
Bellocia koefoedi (Parr, 1951)
Bellocia macrolepis (Gunther, 1887)
Nomoctes koefoedi (Parr, 1951)

Common Name (s)
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Literature Source(s)
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