Rhincalanus nasutus   Giesbrecht,  1888 (Copepod)
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Class: Maxillopoda

Size: Length: female 3.90-5.50 mm; male 2.70-4.0 mm.

Female: Strongly pointed anterior cephalosome. Prosome long and slender with lateral spines and dorsal pairs of spines on the posterior margin of the first 3 metasome segments. Urosome 3-segmented, with pair of small spines on dorsal surface of genital segment. Rostral filaments situated under the frontal projection and are hardly visible from above.

Male: Prosome similar to female. Spines on the metasome segments and on the first urosome segment similar to the female. Exopodite 1-segmented with a long terminal plumose seta and outside of it a naked, very short seta.

Synonym (s)
Rhincalanus nassatus Giesbrecht, 1888
Rhincalanus nasutus Giesbrecht, 1888
(Senior synonym)
Rhincalanus nasutus A. Scott, 1909
Rhincalanus nasutus Farran, 1910
Rhincalanus gigas T. Scott, 1912
Rhincalanus nasutus Sewell, 1913
Rhincalanus nasutus Sewell, 1914
Rhincalanus nasutus With, 1915
Rhincalanus nasutus Lysholm and Nordgaard, 1921
Rhincalanus nasutus Sars, 1925
Rhincalanus nasutus Farran, 1926
Rhincalanus nasutus Farran, 1929

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats

Habitat:  Pelagic, Coastal


• Bay of Bengal (Lat: 15) (Long: 90) INDIA
• Kerala, Off Trivandrum Coast INDIA
• SRI LANKA (Record: 1903)
• Arabian Sea (Record: 1904)
• Gulf of Aden (Record: 1904)
• Red Sea (Record: 1904)
• INDIA (Record: 1910-1925) (Depth: 731.52 mts)
• Bay of Bengal INDIA
• Gujarat, Saurashtra Coast (Lat: 20.84) (Long: 68.83) INDIA
• Gujarat, Saurashtra Coast (Lat: 22.50) (Long: 70.33) INDIA
• Arabian Sea INDIA
• Kerala, Off Kochi (Lat: 10) (Long: 68.05) INDIA (Record: 14/11/1983-17/11/1983)
• Kerala, Off Kochi (Lat: 11.5) (Long: 73.11) INDIA (Record: 14/11/1983-17/11/1983)
• Andhra Pradesh, Lawsons Bay INDIA

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