Ceratium horridum   (Cleve) Gran,  1902 (Dinoflagellate)
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Class: Peridinea

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Rather small or medium sized species, short horned and robust. Epitheca triangular in outline with weakly convex sides, shorter than the hypotheca. Posterior margin distinctly indented on the right, less so on the left, almost straight of slightly convex, making an angle on the right with the horn. Apical horn well developed- at the base, often slightly bent, straight towards the tip. Left posterior horn directed obliquely to left, then bent forward, then, converging or diverging in relation to the apical horn. Right posterior horn near its origin slightly directed backwards, then bent forward running almost parallel to or diverging from the apical horn. Theca sculpture not striking; sometimes, however, irregular ridges, usually dentate, present at the curvatures of the posterior horns and apical horn.

Synonym (s)
Ceratium tripos var. horrida Cleve, 1896
Ceratium batavum Paulsen, 1908
Ceratium claviger Kofoid, 1907
Ceratium inclinatum Kofoid, 1907
Ceratium leptosomum Jorgensen, 1911
Ceratium tenue (Ostenfeld et Schmidt, 1901) Jorgensen, 1911
Ceratium tenuissimum Kofoid, 1907
Ceratium tripos var. scotica Ostenfeld, 1899
Ceratium tripos var. macroceros f. intermedia Jorgensen, 1899
Ceratium tripos var. scotica f. horrida Ostenfeld, 1900
Ceratium patentissimum Karsten, 1906
Ceratium tripos volans f. recurvata Karsten, 1906
Ceratium buceros Zacharias S. dilat, 1906
Ceratium tripos intermedium (Jorg.) Karsten, 1907
Ceratium tripos inversum Karsten, 1907
Ceratium tripos inclinatum var. minor Karsten, 1907
Ceratium tripos longipes (Bail.) Cleve, Karsten, 1907
Ceratium mollis Kofoid, 1907
Ceratium intermedium (Jbrg.) Jorgensen, Paulsen, 1908
Ceratium renwe (Ost. ef Schmidt) Jorgensen, 1911
Ceratium horridum Gran, Jorgensen, 1920
Ceratium buceros f. tenue (Ost. et Schmidt) Schiller, 1937
Ceratium buceros f. molle (Kofoid) Schiller, 1937
Ceratium molle Kofoid, Steemann Nielsen, 1939

Common Name (s)
Economic Importance and Threats



• West Bengal, Prentice Island INDIA
• West Bengal, Saptamukhi River INDIA
• West Bengal, Chandanpiri INDIA

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