Ectocarpus coniger   Borgesen,  1935; Mishra et al., 1966
Class: Phaeophyceae

Size: Height 7-10 cm.

Color: Brown

Plants forming dense tufts, fastened to the substratum by means of rhizoids arising from the basal part of the filaments. Erect system monopodially or irregularly branched. Branches tapering gradually towards the apices, scattered or sometimes secund at short or long distances; lowermost branches generally longer, but short and long branches often mixed and directed upwards. Growth of the filaments intercalary, filaments 15-30 µ broad.

Unilocular and plurilocular sporangia produced on the same plant, the former fewer in number than the latter. Unilocular sporangia almost cylindrical, broadly rounded at the bases and apices; sessile or shortly pedicellate, 20-25 µ broad and 50-55 µ long. Plurilocular sporangia elongated ovate-elliptical or conical, rarely fusiform, 22-28 µ broad and 50-80 µ long; as a rule sessile, sometimes placed upon an unicellar pedicel.

• Maharashtra, Mumbai ( Lat = 19.014000 ) ( Long = 72.807938 ) INDIA

Economic Importance and Threats


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Literature Source(s)
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